A Guide to Dental Abscess Treatment

There are many dental problems that cause pain in the tooth, gums, and sometimes an abscess on roof of mouth. An abscess is a pocket of fluid that begins with an infection. As the infection grows, the abscess becomes larger. A severe infection can move into the jawbone, causing a hole. It is important to get help quickly if you suspect an abscess is present. Infections can move to other parts of your body, causing severe illness. Dentists may drain an abscess to help it heal faster or prescribe antibiotics. Your dentist recommends at treatment plan after a thorough exam. 

Importance of Dental Abscess Treatment

A dental abscess consists of bacteria that your body is trying to fight. This is why you have pain with an abscess. It is tempting to deal with tooth pain on your own, however, this can lead to bigger problems. Bone damage, systemic infection, and tooth loss are all possible with a severe tooth infection. A systemic infection from a dental abscess is an emergency.  Prompt dental abscess treatment can preserve your health and your tooth.

Recognizing a Dental Abscess

You should call the dentist when you notice pain in your teeth or gums. A toothache is often caused by decay, however, infections can also enter damaged teeth. An abscess is a pocket of pus that forms when you have an infection in your tooth or gums.  If you have gum disease, you may get an abscess on your gum line. There are a few tell tale signs to help you recognize an abscess. 

  • Bad breath
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Shows up on an x-ray
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Pain spreads to your neck, ear, or jaw
  • Pain intensifies when you lie down

If you are experiencing symptoms, make an appointment immediately. You must get a proper diagnosis, as tooth pain can have many causes. Early intervention keeps infections from spreading and can save your tooth. Call Emergency Dentist for an urgent care appointment.

How to get an abscess in the roof of your mouth?

An abscess can begin when something invasive breaks through your gums or the roof of your mouth. This opens the area up to bacteria. An abscess can form anywhere in your mouth after you injure the tissue with a sharp piece of food, bite your cheek, or suffer injury. 

The most common way to get an abscess, however, is from severe gum disease. Bacteria enter through small tears between the tooth and gums. The infection can spread to other parts of the mouth and even into the throat. To know, how to get rid of abscess on roof of mouth follow these steps:

Drain tooth abscess from the roof of the mouth. The dentist will make a small cut into the abscess, this will help to remove the filled abscess drain. To not stop the flow, the dentist can put a rubbery thing around the hole. 

Consult for RCT. This can help eliminate the infection and save teeth from extraction. To do this, your dentist drills a hole eliminates the contaminated central tissue (pulp), and removes the abscess. It is one of the most regarded tooth abscess treatments. 

Pull the afflicted tooth. If the affected tooth is beyond treatment, your dentist will extract it. Since we are talking about abscess on roof of mouth it is not possible to remove teeth. So dentists take different approaches to heal the same. If you are experiencing an abscess in roof of mouth, call us immediately.

How to treat an abscess on the roof of your mouth?

The dentist may prescribe an antibiotic to get the infection under control. Your dentist may also drain the abscess to promote healing quickly. An incision is made to open a severe abscess so the doctor can remove the bacteria. 

What Does a Dentist do to an Infected Tooth?

Treating a tooth infection is often a two-part process. The infection needs to get under control before you can move on to treating the tooth or gums. If the infection is inside the tooth, you may need a filling or root canal. The dentist cleans out the pulp of the tooth for a root canal. If there is an infection, the tooth is left alone to make sure everything clears up nicely. You’ll schedule a follow-up appointment for the filling and crown. 

An infection at the root of the tooth or in the gums can compromise the stability of the tooth. Most dentists try to save the tooth, however, an abscess can cause a lot of damage. The main priority is to diminish the infection and preserve your health. 

How to treat a dental abscess?

Tooth abscess treatment varies, depending on the size and location of the abscess. The dentist resolves the infection by prescribing antibiotics, draining the abscess, or cleaning out the tooth. An extraction is sometimes necessary. Book your dental abscess treatment with our emergency dentists today.

How to remove abscess from my teeth?

You should not attempt to treat an abscess on your own. You must go to the dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Emergency Dentist can help you treat the abscess and improve your oral health. 

Reasons for a Tooth Abscess Root Canal

Your dentist may choose to do a root canal so you do not lose the tooth. A root canal removes everything from the inside of your tooth and the root. Once the infected pulp is removed, the infection may dissipate. The dentist may also remove all of the infected areas. An abscess that leads to a root canal treatment may be the result of severe tooth decay. 

How to Treat a Gum Abscess

Your dentist needs to look at the abscess to identify the severity. Some abscesses can damage the jaw bone. If the infection is near the root of a tooth, your tooth may come loose. This can lead to extraction if the infection is very deep. The dentist takes care of the infection with an antibiotic or by draining it. Both treatments are sometimes necessary. 

Once the infection is clear, your dentist begins working on the underlying problem. Progressive gum disease is often the reason for a gum abscess. Treating an abscess can take several dental visits, as you may need special treatment to restore your oral health. Schedule your gum abscess treatment or tooth abscess drainage today.

Dental Abscess Treatment Cost: What to Expect

There is no specific dental abscess treatment cost. Each patient’s situation is different. You may simply need an antibiotic or a drain. There are often deeper problems, however. You may need a root canal or an extraction. Root canals can cost anywhere from $300 to $2,500. You must also consider the cost of draining the abscess. Abscessed tooth extraction can vary depending on your specific treatment plan.

Abscessed Tooth Extraction

Extraction is often the best way to ensure your health when you have an abscess. A deep abscess can loosen your tooth, as well. Sometimes a dentist decides to extract the tooth when tooth infections don’t clear up with other treatments. 

Bacteria can gather between the gums and root of the tooth, as well as inside the tooth. If there is damage to a tooth, this may happen repeatedly. You may get several dental infections in a row. Abscessed tooth extraction can ease a lot of pain and you can finally heal from the infection. A doctor -Houston, TX 77027 can offer the proper treatment for your abscess. 

Recovering at Home: Dental Abscess Treatment

If you go home with an antibiotic, it can take a few days for the infection to go away. Most people take an antibiotic for at least 10 days. Your doctor can also recommend an appropriate pain relief medication, if necessary. I took Tramadol from March 2012 to July 2014. I never thought that the aftermath would last so long! One should not underestimate Tramadol, it contains opiates and thus a certain dependency arises. One patient more, the other less. Caution is required! Please only take if there is no other way – and only under medical supervision. You can also benefit from an ice pack if you have swelling. If you have a root canal or extraction, you may need to eat soft foods for a few days, as well. 


An abscess requires proper diagnosis and treatment from a dentist. It is best to get an exam as soon as you notice pain in your mouth. Dentists can often save the tooth if you get help soon enough. Call the dentist immediately if you notice pain or swelling. Make an appointment with an Emergency Dentist for prompt abscess treatment. 


Tooth pain is caused by a variety of problems. One problem you can have is a dental abscess. This can result in a root canal or an extraction if the infection is severe. Sometimes you only need an antibiotic to solve the problem. The dentist can also drain the abscess to remove the bacteria. Dentists prefer to save your tooth, however, your overall health is a priority. Deep or recurring infections may not resolve until the tooth is removed. Seek emergency care if your symptoms worsen quickly. The infection from an abscess can move into your bone or bloodstream. This can be extremely dangerous. Call your dentist as soon as you notice pain in your tooth or gums so you can get the proper treatment before the abscess progresses. This makes it easier for the dentist to save your tooth. The location of the abscess can also determine the treatment that your dentist chooses. Visit the dentist regularly to reduce your chances of developing an abscess. Most abscesses happen in or near a damaged tooth or compromised gums. Any break in the tissue of the mouth, however, can allow bacteria in. An abscess can even form on the roof of your mouth. Do not ignore the common signs of an abscess. Call for an urgent appointment if you notice pain or swelling anywhere in your mouth. Pain from an abscess can also radiate to your neck, head, or neck.  Swift treatment can help relieve pain and restore your health. 


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