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Emergency Dental Care

If you searched for Emergency Dentist Near Me you have come to the right place!  Our caring and gentle Dentist will help get you the relief that you deserve.



Get out of pain today.  Our Emergency Dental Care centers are located in two locations, one in Uptown/Galleria and one in Midtown area of Houston.  Our doctors have gone through advanced training at Level 1 Trauma Emergency Hospitals and are on standby to get you the pain relief that you deserve.

Emergency Dental Clinic



2400 Mid Ln. #350
Houston, TX 77027

Emergency Dental Care



3510 Main St. Suite E
Houston, TX 77002

URBN Dental Emergency Dental Care is a service that is open every day at our Houston Dentist Office for unexpected Dental Emergencies that may occur. We made time every day in our schedules to see patients in Dental pain because we believe that finding an emergency dentist in Houston Tx should be easy, especially if you are in pain. You will be seen by our award winning emergency dentists that are readily available for convenient same-day appointments.

We understand that Dental Emergencies are common and happen unexpectedly so we reserved spots throughout our schedule to accommodate patients that are in pain.

The benefits of URBN Dental Emergency Care are:
– Be seen right away!
– Same day treatment that you deserve
– In Network with all PPO Insurances
– High End Digital Dental Xrays (low radiation)
– Most Emergency Exams are covered at 100% by PPO Dental Insurance

We are open on Saturdays!

Did you accidently chip or crack your tooth?
Do you have tooth pain?
Do you have a fractured or missing filling or tooth crown?
Do you need urgent relief for a toothache?
Do you have a tooth infection?
Do you have an abscess tooth, bleeding gums, or pain anywhere in your mouth?
Do you need same day root canal?
Do you have a wisdom tooth infection?

If you answered yes to any of the following, schedule an appointment today! Get the toothache pain relief that you deserve.

We have invested in the innovative WaveOne Root Canal technology that allows patients to be in and out of the chair in less than 30 minutes!  WaveOne Root Canal therapy is an innovative technology that cuts procedure time up to 50% for up to the most difficult cases.

Fractured your tooth and need a crown? At URBN Dental we use only Da Vinci Laboratories (as seen on ABC’s Extreme Makeover). We believe that having a Dental Emergency does not mean that you should settle for less than ideal cosmetics. Because we accept all PPO Insurances our fees are very affordable, we offer high end premium porcelain Dental Crowns at low cost for you!

The services offered at URBN Dental Emergency Care range from general to cosmetic dentistry. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Dental Care
  • Modern Office & Technology
  • BPA-Free Fillings (Holistic Dentist)
  • Dental Veneers by Davinci Labs (Porcelain Veneers)
  • Cosmetic Smile Makeovers (Teeth Makeover)
  • Contour
  • Fluoride Varnish
  • Tooth Filling (BPA-Free, Tooth colored)
  • Dentures (Dental Dentures)
  • Partial Dentures (Partial Teeth)
  • Dental Extraction (Teeth Extraction, Emergency Tooth Extraction)
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction (Pulling Teeth)
  • Tooth Replacement
  • Denture Repair (Denture repairs while you wait)
  • Local Dentist