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Broken Tooth Treatment In Houston

Time needed to be seen: Immediately

Dental teeth that are cracked, broken or knocked/dislodged require immediate attention by an Emergency Dentist. Every second that you wait reduces the outcome of treatment that your Emergency Dentist will be able to help you save the cracked tooth. If these injuries are left untreated they will most likely lead to not being able to save the tooth that is injured. Teeth are very strong, however if food is bitten down at the wrong angle or if you accidently bite the utensil you are using for the food it can cause serious consequences. A fracture line will only propagate and get larger, fractures do not get smaller.

There is no home remedy to treat teeth that are cracked, you will need to see a professional Dentist in Houston to help repair your tooth.

What to do until you can get to your dentist’s office:

-Rinse with warm water in the affected area
-Apply pressure with gauze on any areas that are bleeding for 10 minutes or until bleeding stops. If you feel like bleeding has not stopped, a tea bag with pressure in the area will cause the bleeding to stop.
-Apply a cold pack to cheek or lips over the broken tooth, this will help reduce the swelling and relieve any pain
-Take an over the counter pain reliever such as Tylenol

Most common reasons:

– Accidently biting on hard food
-Trauma to area of tooth due to sports or injury
-Being hit in the face or mouth
-Having pre-existing cavities that have weaken your teeth
-Large silver amalgam fillings that have caused fractures to your teeth over the years

Common Symptoms:

-When biting on the affected tooth and releasing, it is very painful upon release from biting
-Sensitivity to cold on affected tooth

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Your Visit will include:
-XRays will be taken of the affected tooth
-Diagnostic fracture tests will be completed on the tooth: Tooth Mobility, Tooth Slooth, Probing Depth, Gum Analysis

Broken Tooth Treatment:

Treatment depends on the severity of your fracture.
1) If it is a minor fracture of a cusp or part of the tooth, typically a dental filling will be enough to fix the tooth.
1) If the crack is isolated within the crown portion of your tooth then typically a crown will be sufficient to hold your tooth together.
2) If the tooth has cracked and reached into your nerve area then a root canal and crown will need to be complete.
3)If the fracture has passed further and has cracked the base of your root surface then the tooth can no longer be saved and extraction of the tooth is indicated.

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