Get Fast Help for a Broken Dental Crown

Your dentist can help you restore your oral health after your crown breaks. Tooth damage can accompany a broken crown. Call your dentist immediately and make an appointment to assess the situation. Your dentist can give you a thorough exam. You may need x-rays to find out about the interior of your tooth. Usually, patients need a replacement crown. Sometimes the dentist can repair the crown. This may involve a composite resin addition or a reshaping of the crown. Prompt attention can help keep your tooth strong. 

Find a Dentist to Help with a Broken Dental Crown

If you suddenly have a broken crown and need a new dentist, call your insurance company. If you have dental insurance, it is important to find a doctor that accepts your health plan. Many insurance companies have directories to help clients find a new dentist in their area. You can also look online to find a dentist to fix your broken crown. Check the dentist’s website to find out more about the services offered. You can also call and ask questions about treating a broken dental crown. 

How to Fix a Broken Crown Tooth?

A broken crown tooth is an alarming condition but is not a cause to get panic. Various kinds of ways are there to repair these issues, and one of among them is to DIY methods, but this is the least temporary. The multiple options to get fix the broken crown tooth include- 

  • Eliminating the tooth and replacing it with the dental implants 
  • Crown replacement
  • Dental onlay is used for the crown replacements
  • Attaching the broken crown
  • Typically, one may require to see a dentists to repair the broken crown

What should I do if I break a temporary crown?

Call your dentist to find out how to handle the situation. Your dentist may remove the temporary crown and simply wait for your permanent crown to arrive. If the permanent crown becomes delayed, you may need a new temporary crown. As with any injury to your crown or tooth, your dentist should look for damage to the tooth. 

What do I do if my temporary crown falls off?

Save the crown and take it to your doctor’s appointment. The dentist can determine what to do with it. There is less risk of damaging your tooth further if you visit the dentist quickly. 

Dental Crown Procedure Cost

The amount you pay for a dental crown procedure varies, depending on your insurance coverage. You must call your insurance provider and ask about the co-pay. Many dentists have plans in place for patients without insurance. Without insurance, you can expect to pay about $1,000 -$15000. You can call Emergency Dentist to find out more about dental crowns and costs. 

Dealing with Crown Treatment Cost

Dental insurance can help pay for many dental procedures. It is best to look for insurance while you have good oral health. Many insurance companies have good coverage for preventative care, as well as expensive treatments. You may have difficulties obtaining dental insurance once you need urgent dental care. If you do not have dental insurance, you can often get a self-pay discount. Most dental offices also have payment plans, as well. Talk to the financial office at your dentist about your treatment needs and your budget. A dental spa in Houston, TX 77027 can help you manage costs for a crown treatment. 

Learn About Crown Dental Care

Call your dentist to schedule an appointment if you have a damaged tooth or crown. Your dentist may discuss the option for your tooth repair during the initial appointment. You may need a broken tooth repair and a dental crown to remedy the problem. Most people get a crown after a root canal treatment to strengthen the tooth. A severely broken tooth can become a dental emergency. Your gums can become affected if you have an injury, for example. The risk of losing your tooth rises if you do not get proper medical treatment. Infections can also begin if bacteria get into your tooth after you break a crown. Your dentist may recommend a crown if you have decay, infection, or a cracked tooth. 

How does emergency dentistry work? 

Ask your dentist about the emergency protocol. You may need to call the office and come in for a walk-in appointment during business hours. If your emergency happens after office hours, your dentist may meet you at the office for a special appointment. Some offices have several dentists that rotate as the on-call emergency dentist for after-hours issues. An emergency dentist can perform extensive procedures, if necessary. They may also stabilize you until you can schedule an appointment with your regular dentist.

Evaluating a Dentist that Fixes Broken Teeth

It is important to research a dentist Houston before you make the first appointment. You can learn a lot about a doctor by reading through their business website. Find out about their education, experience, and office procedures. You can look online for patient reviews to find out more about the quality of service. Friends and family may have recommendations for quality dental care, as well. 

Prepare for Getting a Dental Crown

If you have a broken crown, you may not have much time to prepare for a new one. It is helpful to know how much insurance coverage you have before you have a dental emergency. Read through your policy thoroughly to find out how much different procedures may cost you. 

An appointment for a tooth repair and crown should remain short. Expect to spend about one or two hours at the dentist, depending on the amount of damage to your tooth. The entire process often requires more than one appointment, as well. 

Accidents Happen: Fix Chipped Tooth Near Me

If you have an accident, call your dentist immediately. It is common to chip teeth while eating hard foods. You may also need a chipped tooth repair if you have an injury. Sports injuries and falls sometimes lead to a front tooth crown. It is helpful to have a dentist near home to deal with these problems. Call your insurance company or look online for a dentist near your home or office. 

I have a dental emergency. What should I do? 

If the emergency happens during business hours, call your dentist immediately. Most dentists allow walk-in visits for emergencies during office hours. Your dentist may also have a specific plan for after-hours emergencies. Ask about the after-hours emergency plan when you first start seeing your new dentist. 

I just broke my tooth. What should I do?

Call your dentist immediately. The dentist may do an initial exam to assess the damage and then schedule your repair for another day.  You may need to have the tooth filed down so it is not sharp while you wait for the repair and crown. If the damage is severe, you may need an emergency filling or root canal


Your dentist must look at your chipped dental crown before making a treatment plan. Make an appointment promptly to reduce the risk of further damage to your tooth. Your dentist may repair a crown with minimal damage. Dentists must replace most broken crowns, however. Make an appointment with an Emergency Dentist to assess your broken crown. 


Crowns help to protect your teeth from excess damage. Your dentist may place a crown on your teeth after a filling or root canal treatment, for example. The crown keeps your tooth strong, preventing further damage. You may get a broken dental crown if you bite down on something hard or have an injury. Dentists must remove the old crown and order a new one for you. Call your dentist when you first notice the broken crown. During your exam, you can expect your dentist to remove the broken crown and check your tooth for damage. A damaged tooth may need a filling or root canal. The Dentist can then order your new crown. Sometimes, the dentist can repair a broken crown. If your crown has a small chip or a dent, your dentist may attempt a repair before ordering a new crown. You may get an x-ray so the dentist can look for damage to the tooth under the crown. If you have a composite resin crown, your dentist can use the same material to repair the crown. The dentist can also reshape a crown with minimal damage. The main goal of your dentist is to protect your tooth. You may have an unexpected expense if you break a crown. Talk to your insurance company to find out if you have coverage for a replacement crown. You can also talk to your dentist about a self-pay discount or payment plan. Call your dentist immediately if your crown breaks. Tell your dentist if you have pain, as well. Your dentist may ask you to come into the office for an urgent examination, especially if you experience pain. It is important to visit the doctor quickly so they can assess the condition of your tooth.