Dental emergencies do happen, but not every day. That’s why they are called emergencies. As with other areas of medicine, dental emergency situations are handled with utmost care and speed. The aim is to stop the pain, bleeding or any other symptom that is putting a victim in danger. Emergency dental services are offered online, and it is possible to call a dentist as soon as you or someone else has had an accident. Most dentists who offer this service are open until late night hours and can offer you urgent, gentle dental care each time you call. It is important to pick an emergency dental clinic that is available throughout the week for 24 hours. Next, it is great to know the types of dental services you can order. Here are 13 emergency teeth issues you can take to a great dental office in Houston, TX.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

  1. Toothache – Pain is a good sign that one or more of your teeth need to be examined by a qualified dentist. If you experience a toothache that is so severe that it can’t respond to common home remedies, seek medical help fast.
  2. Simple teeth extractions – These types of extractions require just a local anesthetic, a dentist’s elevator and forceps. The removal of a tooth using the simple method of extraction takes a minute or two. It’s so quick and painless that you won’t notice your tooth is out already.
  3. Root canal Therapy – It is done to save a tooth that shows signs of survival. As it is a process that requires 2 to 3 sessions, it is a great way to eliminate pain fast. During your first session at the emergency dental office, your gums and inner cheeks will be numbed using local anesthetic. Next, your dentist will remove your tooth pulp and infected matter while cleaning and disinfecting your mouth. After this, they will seal the painful hole with a rubber-like filling that will keep you from feeling pain until your next session.
  4. Surgical extractions – Advanced emergency dental care clinics offer surgical tooth extractions. They have oral surgeons who are always waiting to attend to a complicated case. If your tooth has worn down to just above your gum line and it is so painful, your case is an emergency. Call a reliable emergency dentist immediately.
  5. Wisdom teeth removal – Some people have abnormal wisdom teeth that grew crooked, impacting on the molars lying beside them. An impacted wisdom tooth should be surgically removed to stop it from growing. If left to grow, it can affect many teeth in the same jaw. An urgent medical help is needed when a wisdom molar tooth is decayed and sore.
  6. Broken or chipped tooth – If you accidentally fall down and bang your face on a hard surface, or if you get hit by an object, you might break one or more teeth. Teeth trauma can be so painful and it’s important to get first aid as soon as possible. Emergency dental hospitals near you can proof so important when you have broken a tooth.
  7. Gum Cleanings – If you have been having bouts of gum infections, you should get immediate periodontal scaling or gum cleanings. These are a non-surgical cure for periodontal disease. Periodontal scaling is the removal of plaque and tarter (calculus) and then planing(smoothing) the surfaces of the roots. It also entails the removal of dentine that has become invaded by toxins, microorganisms, tarter and other agents that cause gums to become red, swollen and inflamed.
  8. Cavity fillings – If your tooth aches so badly, get in touch with a Houston dentist right away. Most dentists who have emergency services can fill a cavity and eliminate your pain the same day.
  9. Dentures – As soon as your tooth has been knocked out or extracted, you can get immediate dentures placed. This can happen at your doctor’s office the same day you visit, as these are removable dentures.
  10. Oral surgery – Anybody who has endured a toothache or another type of pain in their gums or teeth can understand why taking a quick action is vital. Some cases end up being treated surgically to relieve the pain and restore a former smile. Oral surgery require stitching, making it a technical procedure that should only be done by true family dental care dentist. Whether you need a jaw surgery, gum reshaping or dental implants, an emergency oral surgeon can help.
  11. Crowns– A dental crown placement can be done fast if you have extreme discomfort. It can particularly benefit a child whose primary teeth have cavities. To get your older smile back, have your crowns fitted over the weekend by some of the top-rated Houston dentist, TX.
  12. Bridges- Do you have missing teeth in between healthy ones? One of the best way to close them and restore your dentition to normal is to have bridges installed. The most important step your dentist will take in an emergency situation is to create a temporary bridge you could wear to protect exposed gums and teeth while the actual bridge is being made in the lab.
  13. Swollen jaw – Whether sore or not, swollen jaws should be examined by a qualified texas dental expert. The causes are many, including a fractured jaw bone, dislocated jaw joint, Metastatic tumor of the jaw, mumps, bacterial dental infection, unerupted tooth, bulimia nervosa and so on. Getting checked quickly can prevent the progression of the causes, which can make treatment easier.

Besides the above-mentioned reasons, you can seek emergency dental checkups when you want a second opinion. If you doubted your first doctor’ opinion, you can visit another one just to get a new diagnosis. Knowing a clinic you can depend on when you have a dental emergency is extremely wise. This can be so helpful if you have kids around since they get in all manner of games and can get hurt. Emergency services are designed for everyone though, even if you don’t have a family. They ensure that pain and discomfort are professionally tackled and eliminated without causing more damage. Whether you want a dental cleaning service to remove plaque or tarter, or receive an urgent treatment, one of the best solution is offered by one of the top emergency dental clinics in Houston.