Dealing with a Cracked Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems. They do not always grow in properly. When a wisdom tooth does not erupt properly, it can cause a lot of pain and move your other teeth. It can also get infected, crack, or break into pieces. Teens and young adults need to visit the dentist regularly so they can have their wisdom teeth monitored.  You must usually have an extraction or surgery for a cracked wisdom tooth. A dental clinic- in Houston, TX 77002, can help you get proper care for your wisdom teeth

Dental Appointment for a Cracked Wisdom Tooth

Call your dentist near me as soon as you notice pain or swelling near your wisdom tooth. You may also hear a sound when the tooth cracks. Sometimes, a cracked tooth is not noticeable until the dentist sees it during an exam. An exam for a cracked wisdom tooth broke usually includes x-rays, especially if the tooth is impacted. The dentist can see cracks, decay, and the position of the tooth on an x-ray. After the exam, your dentist tells you about the treatment options. This may include a referral to an oral surgeon. 

What Kind of Dentist Removes Wisdom Teeth?

A general dentist can remove wisdom teeth that are fully erupted. This may only require a simple extraction. Oral surgeons, however, deal with most wisdom tooth removals. When you need your wisdom teeth removed, it is usually because a problem occurs or your dentist wants to prevent problems. The staff at Emergency Dentist can help you begin dealing with your wisdom teeth. 

Can all dentists extract wisdom teeth? (no oral surgeon?)

Not all dentists can extract wisdom teeth. Oral surgeons are experienced in dealing with wisdom teeth still inside the jawbone. Oral surgeons also have more supplies to deal with emergencies and pain. 

Do you need surgery on a fully impacted wisdom tooth?

You must have surgery to remove a fully impacted wisdom tooth. A fully impacted wisdom tooth can continue moving and cause the rest of your teeth to become crooked. It can also partially erupt, leaving the area susceptible to infection. An impacted wisdom tooth may crack when there is not enough room. Other teeth nearby may also become damaged due to the pressure. 

Can removing wisdom teeth cause bone loss?

When any adult teeth are extracted, there is a risk of bone loss. Removal of teeth changes the constant pressure applied to your jaw from chewing. The bone may reabsorb into the body. Replacement teeth are sometimes used to offset this side effect when you have extractions. 

However, it is not common practice to place implants where your wisdom used to reside. Practicing a healthy lifestyle and maintaining oral health to prevent further bone loss is important. Habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco cause bone loss. Poor dental hygiene also leads to severe gum disease and can cause bone loss. Your dentist or family doctor can also recommend supplements to help keep your existing bone healthy.

Preparing for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Your dentist first refers you to an oral surgeon when it is time to have a wisdom tooth extraction. You should have a consultation with the oral surgeon to find out more about the procedure. Ensure your x-rays and dental records are sent to your oral surgeon before the consultation. A few more things can help you feel prepared for wisdom teeth removal

  • Confirm coverage with your insurance company or set up a payment plan with the surgeon
  • Arrange to have a friend or family member drive you to and from the appointment (it is not safe to drive after anesthesia)
  • Purchase cold packs and soft foods for the first few days
  • Talk to your surgeon about toothache pain relief options (over-the-counter medication or a prescription)
  • Schedule a few days off of work or school

Are you put to sleep for wisdom teeth removal?

You must have anesthesia for surgical removal. Wisdom teeth are much easier to remove when you are young. The roots grow longer, and the density of the jawbone increases as you age. More risks are associated with wisdom tooth removal in your 30’s and 40’s. 

Reasons for a Cracked Wisdom Tooth

Your wisdom tooth may crack because there is no room to grow. It may also crack if it is damaged from decay or infection. If your wisdom tooth fully erupts and fits well in your mouth, your dentist may repair the tooth. A fractured tooth root canal can resolve problems with infection or severe decay. Let a professional at Emergency Dentist help you with a cracked wisdom tooth treatment plan. Book your appointment with URBN Dental if you are experiencing cracked wisdom tooth pain or if your wisdom tooth is cracked.

Bottom Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Sometimes you only need a top or bottom wisdom tooth extraction. Every patient has a unique situation. Your dentist can monitor all of your wisdom teeth as they grow in and will evaluate whether or not you require a broken wisdom tooth extraction. This helps them recommend an appropriate treatment plan before problems progress. 

What to do if you Have a Chipped Tooth

Call your dentist immediately if you have a chipped wisdom tooth. Even if it is a minor chip, you must schedule an appointment for a proper exam. Your dentist, Houston, can find out if there is decay or infection in the tooth. These problems make the tooth weak. Your dentist can determine if you need a filling, a root canal, or bonding to remedy the problem. 

Fractured Tooth Root Canal

If your dentist determines that your wisdom tooth can stay in place, you may need a root canal. A fracture can allow bacteria to enter the tooth and cause infection. The tooth’s pulp is removed during a root canal, leaving it dead. The tooth is still usable for chewing and can help your smile stay nice. After the root canal treatment, you may get a crown to strengthen the tooth. 


Getting your wisdom teeth dealt with is important before they cause big problems. A good dentist keeps track of growth when kids become adolescents. A treatment plan may involve extraction or surgery. Sometimes wisdom teeth can stay in place. If a wisdom tooth becomes damaged or a broken wisdom tooth pain, you may need a filling, a root canal, or an extraction. Make an appointment with an Emergency Dentist near me to get your wisdom teeth assessed today.


Wisdom teeth often cause problems when they begin to grow. Some people do not have enough room in their mouths for wisdom teeth, making surgical removal necessary. Some individuals have wisdom teeth that grow crooked. They can push other teeth, causing them to become crooked. Impacted wisdom teeth may not erupt through the gum line at all. Some impacted teeth break through the gum line partially. A fully impacted wisdom tooth can cause a lot of pain. A partially erupted tooth leaves the gums susceptible to infection. When wisdom teeth have decay or infection, dentists must decide if it is worth the trouble to save the tooth. Sometimes an extraction is the chosen option. A filling or root canal may solve the problem if your wisdom teeth grow properly and fit well in your mouth. Sometimes, you only need to remove the top or bottom wisdom teeth. Dentists monitor older teens and young adults to see when their wisdom teeth may erupt. During routine dental visits, x-rays are taken. These help the dentist see where the wisdom is located and in what direction they are moving. If you need surgery to remove your wisdom teeth, your dentist can refer you to an oral surgeon. You may need emergency surgery if you have sudden pain, an infection, or a crack in your wisdom teeth. Anesthesia is necessary if your wisdom teeth are impacted. Wisdom teeth surgery is outpatient. You can usually go home shortly after the procedure. Visit your dentist regularly so your dentist can look out for problems with your wisdom teeth. If you are experiencing a wisdom tooth rotting and breaking, come into URBN Dental and let us help you. Book your appointment today.