Being in a healthy state and having healthy gums plays a huge role in the growth and development of a person and as a result, everyone tries in their little way to be healthy. Diseases relating to any part of the body can be very severe and threatening to the life of a person, diseases relating to the dental health of a person can cause a dent in the self-esteem of such an individual depending on the severity.

However, your mouth is in the center of your entire day and as we used them for communication and we definitely don’t want people cringing when we speak because of a smelling mouth from gum disease. It is not difficult to get fresh mouth every day nor is it hard to restore your gums or maintain a healthy gum.

Types of Gum Disease

There are various gum disease treatment techniques that can guarantee you a healthy gum and a two of them will be listed below, but before finding a solution to any problem, it is important to identify the nature of the problem.

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Due to improper oral hygiene, a lot of people suffer from gum disease. Two common gum infections will be discussed in this article, and we will also be sharing practical and certified ways to cure these infections to get healthy gums fast.

Gingivitis: this is a mild form of gum disease that can quickly escalate to a more serious case if not managed properly. This is usually a result of poor dental hygiene such as daily brushing twice a day, gaggling or flossing. When in Huston; come to us for one of the best gum treatment from some of the best dentists in the Huston area.

For Gingivitis


A result of a study carried out in 2016 made it clear that the use of salt water can help to heal the gums that have been infected with gingivitis. Salt water rinse can help to soothe inflamed gums and ease the pain, reduce bad breath and also reduce the bacteria present in the mouth. It is a very practical and inexpensive way to deal with gingivitis with the basic ingredients you have in your kitchen cabinet.

Lemongrass Oil

A study carried out in 2015 showed the effect of lemongrass oil on dental health. It cited lemongrass as a more potent mouthwash than the regular mouthwash in our bathrooms. This might be why Asians have such clean mouths and gum. It can be gotten from a store near you, and all you need to do is dilute two or three drops of the lemongrass oil in a cup of water and rinse your mouth with it for 30 seconds for two/three times daily.

Aloe Vera

The wonders of Aloe Vera cannot be underrated, especially when it comes to health care. It is used for everything and of course, that includes fighting gingivitis. It does not need to be diluted, but it is used in its pure state. Scoop a little quantity and add to a cup of water; swish this mixture in your mouth for 30 seconds twice or thrice daily for healthy gums fast. Remember that Aloe Vera has a bitter taste, but if you can embrace the taste; you can be sure to have healthy gums in a couple of days.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil has become very useful in getting healthy gum fast, but it can also be very harsh to the gum. So, we advise that it is diluted in warm or room temperature water before swishing it in your mouth.

Periodontitis: Now the gum disease treatment technique required here also includes your day to day dental hygiene – this prevents the condition from getting any worse, there should also be a constant visit to the dentist, and the use of anti-biotic can prove to be very effective.

It is important to start early treatment to avoid the possibility of having to go through a surgical procedure which might very well be the case if appropriate care is not taken.

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For Periodontitis

The type of toothbrush and toothpaste used for patients that suffer from periodontitis are essential to treat gum infection. However, brushing should be done with care to avoid grazing over the delicate gum.

Flossing regularly is a must and should be done after each meal or after brushing your teeth. This simple act removes food remnant in-between the teeth, aerates the teeth and reduces the growth or spread of any bacteria.

The use of antibacterial mouthwash can be used to prevent the growth of bacteria and also to prevent inflammation of the gum. It is also important to use fluoride toothpaste and the brush used should be rinsed before brushing your teeth.

We all know how to get healthy gums fast, and one way is to stick to the regular oral care as listed above. Other factors to consider are changing your toothbrush at regular intervals, flossing, a good diet, avoiding drinks with excess sugars and alcohol with a dose of exercise. I’d like to share my progress in fighting obesity. I do sports, keep to a low-calorie diet, and take Phentermine. This drug is awesome! I tried dieting and exercising before, but I’ve never had such results. My weight decreased by 55lbs in only three weeks of taking phentermine. I still need to lose more than 110lbs, and my current success proves I can do this. The remedies listed here are all natural and organic techniques that we can do at home to get healthy looking gums fast.

Although these remedies work, it is better to keep a regular dental appointment to have your details checked thoroughly to prevent any bacteria growth in your mouth

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