Preserve Your Smile with a Broken Filling Repair

Teeth break for many reasons. Teeth with crowns and fillings often need repair, as well as natural teeth. A tooth with a filling or crown may also become less resistant to damage. You may not notice if you have a small crack in a filling. You may have some minor pain or sensitivity, however. Call your dentist immediately if you have pain. You can raise the chances of saving the tooth by receiving prompt treatment. Dentists offer a variety of treatments to repair broken and cracked fillings. 

Find a Dentist for Broken Filling Repair

It is good to have a dentist that you see regularly. This helps prevent major dental problems. If you begin to feel pain or notice a broken tooth, you must find a dentist quickly. Call your insurance company to find a dentist on your plan. An online search can also help you find the right doctor. You can find a lot of information on a business website. Many dentists place employee photos, education information, and share their professional experiences. You can also check the services they offer and read some customer reviews. The professionals at Emergency Dentist can help you with a  treatment plan for your broken tooth filling. 

What is the best treatment for a broken tooth under a crown? 

Your dentist must examine the tooth to find the severity of the crack. You can have a horizontal or vertical crack. The crack may also reach the root. The treatment depends on the severity of the crack and the type of crack. Your dentist may remove the crown and replace the filling or recommend a root canal. 

What is the best procedure for root canal treatment?

If you do not need an emergency root canal, your dentist may ask you to make a special appointment for your root canal. During your root canal treatment, the dentist numbs the area and cleans the pulp out of the tooth. If you have an infection, the dentist does not add the filling until your follow up visit. After the tooth is filled, you may get a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent one. 

Emergency Help to Fix Chipped Tooth Near Me

It is important to know where to go for dental emergencies. Check with your dentist to find out what to do if you have a dental emergency. Many dentists handle emergencies at their office. If you need help during business hours, you may get a walk-in appointment. If you have an injury after-hours, you may need to call a special emergency number. If your dentist’s office does not have a doctor-on-call after-hours, ask for a referral to an emergency clinic in your area. 

You may not get a full treatment at the emergency appointment. If the remaining part of your tooth is stable, the dentist may stabilize you and recommend a follow-up appointment. For example, the dentist may file down the sharp edges to keep you comfortable until you can make an appointment for detailed repairs. 

Is there any other way to repair my tooth besides a crown?

The dentist must examine your tooth to find out how much damage you have. In some cases, patients may only need fillings to remedy the problem. Other times, the dentist may recommend a crown, root canal, or extraction. 

How successful are root canals treatment?

Root canal treatments are about 95 percent successful. You can limit your risk of failure by adhering to a good oral health routine, Including good care at home and regular dental exams. 

Replacing Metal Fillings

Metal fillings last many years. The most common metal filling is a silver amalgam. These usually last about 10-15 years. You may crack your filling or the tooth around it. This can allow bacteria into your tooth that causes decay or infection. If your dentist needs to treat a tooth with a metal filling, you may need to have the filling removed and replaced. Dentists must drill into the tooth to remove an old filling. Many dentists have special protocols for removing silver amalgam fillings since they contain mercury.  Ask your dentist about the following safety tactics and discuss possible risks. 

  • Keeping the filling cool as drilling takes place
  • Alternative oxygen source 
  • Covers for your clothing
  • Removes the filling in pieces to avoid excessive drilling
  • Thorough cleaning of the mouth

Remedy for Chipped Porcelain Crown

Once a crown becomes chipped it usually needs replacing. Call your dentist immediately to make an appointment. Your dentist must determine how much of the crown is damaged. Your dentist may administer a bonding procedure to make sure your crown looks and feels better.  For this treatment, the dentist adheres a piece of composite resin to your crown. The dentist may also simply smooth out the crown or reshape it a little with a file. If the crown is destroyed, the dentist can remove it and give you a new one. You may get a temporary crown to keep your tooth stable while you wait for the new one. 

Broken Front Teeth Treatment

When your front tooth gets broken, it can affect your self-esteem. You cannot talk or smile without showing your front teeth. Your dentist must assess the damage of your tooth before deciding on a treatment. You may need a filling or root canal before fixing the cosmetic issues. Dentists can form a new piece for your tooth to restore a natural shape. A dentist in Houston, TX 77027 can help you with a front tooth filling and repair. 

Broken Dental Crown

If your crown breaks, you may need both a tooth repair and a new crown. Your dentist must look at your crown and x-ray the tooth underneath. You must replace a crown with severe damage. If your dentist needs to repair the tooth under the crown, removal of your crown is also necessary. Most crowns become irreversibly damaged during the removal process. 

Dentist Chipped Tooth Cost and Payment

The cost of a chipped tooth repair can range from  $100 to $2500. A small chip can happen from an injury or from biting down on hard foods. The cost becomes high if you need to have a root canal and crown. Talk to your dentist about payment options. If you have dental insurance, find out how much your insurance company may cover. It is also important to understand coverage for a dental emergency. Many dentists also offer self-pay discounts or payment plans. 


Most dental fillings last for many years. You may crack a filling if you get injured or bite down on something hard. If you have new decay or an infection, you may need a root canal or extraction. In many cases, however, the dentist can remove the filling and prepare the tooth for a new one. Call Emergency Dentist today to restore your smile.


You must get a filling when you have tooth decay. Fillings often last for 10 -15 years before you need to consider a replacement. You can damage a filling, however. An injury or a piece of hard food can cause your filling to crack or break. This can leave your tooth at risk for more decay or infection. Call your dentist immediately to get an exam if you hear or feel something break. You may only feel some minor paint or discomfort in your tooth, as well. Many people do not know they have a cracked filling or tooth until they visit the dentist for mild pain or discomfort. Once a filling breaks, schedule an appointment for the removal and replacement. It is possible to have progressive decay or infection around the tooth. Your dentist may drain the infection or prescribe an antibiotic to restore your oral health. If you suffer an injury or large break, you may need emergency care. Talk to your dentist about emergency protocol or find an emergency clinic. Many dentists ask you to come in for a walk-in appointment if you have an emergency. Your dentist may even have a phone number to call for after hours problems. A cracked filling may only require a simple repair. If the tooth has incurred more damage, you may need a root canal to save the tooth. Routine visits to the dentist can help you prevent damage and allows dentists to find problems before they become to hard to manage