Wisdom Teeth Removal | What Adults Should Expect

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of teeth to emerge in the mouth, usually appearing in the late teenage years or early adulthood. While some people have enough room in their mouths for their wisdom teeth to come in properly, others may...

Understanding Wisdom Tooth Inflammation

Recognizing an Infection: Wisdom Tooth Inflammation Most dentists begin to look out for wisdom tooth eruption when patients are in their late teens. They may not come in until the early 20’s, however. It is important to pay attention to changes in your dental health...

Preparing for Removal of Cracked Wisdom Tooth

Dealing with a Cracked Wisdom Tooth Wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems. They do not always grow in properly. When a wisdom tooth does not erupt properly, it can cause a lot of pain and move your other teeth. It can also get infected, crack, or break into...