Cracked Tooth Filling and Broken Tooth Filling

Dentists can solve a lot of problems with fillings. When you visit the dentist regularly, the dentist usually finds cavities while they are small. Once the tooth is filled, decay usually ceases. Fillings, however, can wear out as they age. A broken tooth can also cause a filling to fall out.  You should call your dentist immediately if you lose a filling. The open area in your tooth can make it vulnerable to cracks and bacteria. A replacement filling is necessary in this case. If the healthy tooth breaks, the dentist can use a filling to repair it, as well. A filling can help save a tooth with filling broke and restore your smile. 

Broken Tooth Filling Protocol

When your tooth cracks or breaks, call your 24 hour dentist near me immediately. If a large part of the tooth is missing, your dentist may perform an extraction on the remaining part of the tooth. If there is a small chip, a filling may solve the problem. If a piece of your front tooth breaks off, the dentist forms a new piece with composite resin. This is adhered to your tooth to restore a natural look. 

Sometimes at the tooth with filling cracks from progressive damage. The filling can also break into pieces. If a tooth with filling cracks, the tooth is often too delicate to save. If the filling breaks, the dentist cleans out the tooth and gives you a new filling. A root canal is also common in these situations, as decay can form between the filling and the tooth. A broken tooth filling is usually accompanied by a crown. 

How to Know My Tooth Filling Fell Out?

If you’re worried that you are having broken tooth filling, these signs can help you to be sure.

  1. You feel sudden pain in your treated tooth: If you feel toothache severe enough to cry and yell, this is a surefire way to know you have cracked tooth filling.
  1. You feel a small, hard object while chewing something: This is a common occurrence with patients who have taken the filling and tooth repair treatment swallows the filling while eating. Don’t fret, swallowing filling is harmless but you need a dentist appointment, ASAP!
  1. You feel a sudden jolt of sensitivity to hot and cold food: Sometimes, you remain oblivious with lost filling until you bite at extreme temperature. This can be a sure-shot way to know your chipped tooth filling.
  1. You can feel a crack, hole, or when you move your tongue over the tooth: If you notice changes like these, your teeth might feel hollow or missing. It can be a sign of broken tooth filling that needs consultation from the dentist for tooth repair.

Dealing with a Lost Filling

Unless you have an injury, a lost filling may come as a surprise. A filling may spontaneously fall out or come loose when eating. You may notice a loose filling several days before it falls out. Call your dentist if you notice pain or discomfort in a tooth with a filling. If your tooth filling fell out, save it and call your dentist. 

Your dentist may ask you to come in to the office for an urgent appointment. During your exam, the dentist can determine the severity of the damage. Plan to stay at the dentist while the tooth is cleaned and a new filling is placed. You may need a crown to reinforce the repair, as the tooth may have incurred more damage over time. 

Can a dentist restore a filling on a loose tooth?

If your tooth is loose, the dentist needs to find out the reason for the problem. If the loose tooth on a child,  an extraction is initiated. Dentists place fillings in baby teeth that are not ready to come out. A loose tooth on a child, however, is ready to fall out soon. 

Adults may have loose teeth from gum disease, decay, or an injury. A filling is only restored on a loose tooth if a repair is possible. Sometimes a tooth filling fell out is saved, therefore a loose tooth can benefit from a repair in some cases. 

Are tooth-colored fillings safer than silver fillings?

Many people choose tooth-colored dental fillings to make teeth look more natural. The silver fillings have been commonly used for many years, however, many people are moving away from them. When silver amalgam fillings are removed, everyone in the room must wear protective clothing. These precautions are taken because of the mercury content. Silver fillings became popular due to their durability. Tooth-colored fillings do not last as long, yet any filling can become loose over time. 

How Much Does a Tooth Filling Cost?

Dental fillings can cost anywhere from $50 to $4,500. These differences are due to the materials and techniques used by the dentist. If your cavity is severe, the dentist charges more. You may need a large filling or a root canal. A dental clinic in Houston, TX 77027 can give you a proper treatment plan. 

Gold fillings are the most expensive. The bill can also rise if you need a larger filling or a root canal. Talk to your Walk In Dentist about affordable options if you need a replacement tooth filling. Many dentists offer payment plans to help with cavity filling cost.   

Treatment for a Broken Tooth Abscess

A broken tooth can leave your gums susceptible to infection. A broken tooth is weak and can move around. Bacteria can get into the gums and cause an infection. A dental abscess can cause a lot of pain and often requires special treatment. Your dentist may delay your dental filling until the infection is clear. This can help protect your teeth from further problems. Emergency Dental Care for an abscess may include antibiotics. Your dentist may also drain the abscess. 

Preparing for Tooth Refill Cost

If you need to work with a specific budget, call a few different dental offices. If you have dental insurance, find one that accepts your plan. otherwise, you should ask about self-pay discounts and installment plans. A professional at Emergency Dentist can talk to you about payment options. 

Handling a Broken Tooth Root Exposed

If the root of your tooth is exposed, you may not know what is wrong. People often go to the dentist simply to get tooth pain relief. A broken tooth with an exposed nerve can cause a lot of pain. You may need a root canal, extraction, or gum graft. 

How could anyone with fillings have cavities?

You can get a new cavity after a filling. You must change your dental hygiene habits to prevent new cavities. You may get one in a different tooth or the same one. Cavities can form in a different spot on a tooth with a filling. They can also form between a loose filling and the tooth.

When you Need a Fractured Tooth Root Canal

A root canal is necessary when a traditional cavity filling does not help. If there is severe decay, it is difficult to save the tooth. A root canal allows the tooth to stay in place, however. There is toothache relief, however, because the tooth is no longer alive. If the tooth is fractured, a crown is necessary along with the filling. 

What is the difference between root canal and teeth filling?

The tooth remains alive after a traditional filling. During a root canal, the pulp of the tooth is removed. The tooth is cleaned out all the way into the roots. A filling is then added. A crown is often necessary, as well. 

How To Fix Chipped Tooth?

Your general dentist can help with fix chipped tooth. Most require minor repairs. If more cosmetic work is necessary, you may get a referral to a cosmetic dentist. If your tooth becomes chipped after office hours, call your dentist’s emergency line or visit an emergency dental clinic. This is not always an emergency.  Your dentist may ask you to come to the first available appointment, however. If you need a new dentist, look online or ask your insurance provider for the name of a new dentist near you. 

When is a dental crown considered to be a necessity?

A crown helps add strength to a tooth. These are often placed on children if they have a cavity on the non-permanent tooth. It keeps the tooth healthy until it is ready to fall out. Root canals and broken teeth may require a crown to support the repair. 

Understanding Chipped Tooth Sensitivity

A chipped tooth can cause some sensitivity if the nerves are exposed. You may notice pain when eating or drinking. The pain may happen when you eat something hot or cold. You may also notice pain when you apply pressure while chewing. Call the dentist for an immediate appointment


A tooth broke around old filling can cause a lot of discomfort. You must see a dentist quickly for proper tooth repair. The damage can become worse if you delay the dental visit. A filling can repair a broken tooth filling or chipped tooth filling. You may also need a replacement for a lost or cracked tooth filling. Call Emergency Dentist today to discuss a broken tooth repair.


Dentists deal with broken teeth and broken cavities, at times. Sometimes a cavity falls out because the tooth breaks, other times the cavity moves away from the tooth. Your dentist can clean out the tooth and replace the filling. If the tooth is broken, you may need a crown to help it remain strong. Call immediately if you notice a broken tooth or have sudden pain. If you notice the filling when it falls out, save it and take it to the dentist with you. If you have a mild infection or an abscess, your dentist may do the filling later. It is better for your oral health if the infection clears before a filling seals up the tooth. Your dentist may drain an abscess or prescribe antibiotics. In some cases, both are necessary. Your tooth can break from an injury, severe decay, or even pressure while eating. You may hear the tooth crack or notice a piece of the tooth when it falls off. Place fillings in a cup or bag immediately. It is important to be careful with metal filings, as the silver ones contain mercury. You do not want to accidentally swallow any type of filling, especially a metal one. You can have a new cavity in the tooth or the filling may simply be old. Dentists try to save the tooth with a new filling or root canal. An extraction is the last choice for most dental professionals. Go the dentist’s Houston quickly so there is a better chance of saving the tooth. A new filling can help relieve pain and restore proper use of your tooth.