The atmosphere in the mouth can change quite often for a number of reasons. These can be dental injuries, infections, faulty dental appliances, use of certain drugs and improper teeth and gum hygiene. All of these conditions can affect your mouth, causing your gums to swell and bleed and your teeth to ache. In almost all of these situations, it is advisable to pick one of the best emergency dental office near you. So don’t continue to use home remedies wishing the problem could disappear. Seeing an emergency dentist 77027 area will be a more prudent decision. In this guide, we will discuss various emergency dental problems that you need to treat right away.

Gum Bleeding and swelling

You can accidentally bruise your mouth when brushing, flossing or chewing and bleed and this is normal. However, bleeding in the mouth without triggering it yourself can indicate a dental problem. As well, swollen gums don’t just happen. There is usually a reason behind the swelling, including an aching tooth, gingivitis, tooth abscess and dental deficiencies and infections. If bleeding and/or swelling persist for more than a day after a dental surgery session, you should see an emergency swollen gum dentist at once.

The same is the case if you have been bleeding for a whole week and the problem doesn’t seem to get better. So go to an emergency room as persistent bleeding could indicate a clotting difficulty or a severe infection or trauma.  Whether yours is a gumline sort of bleeding that only occurs when flossing or brushing (a sign of gum disease) or startling amount of blood loss when you spit, visiting a dental office now is important.

Dental Pain

Dental pain is a reason enough to call your emergency dentist right now. If you feel a shooting kind of pain that doesn’t go away, it is a sign that there is a problem. It could be that the pain only appears when you try to drink or eat cold or hot edibles or after applying biting pressure. Throbbing pain, facial swelling, fever and pain that make you rise up at night are all emergency situations that should be attended right away. The main cause of dental pain is a toothache. A tooth could sprain and trigger a lot of pain when chewing.

Further, you could feel generalized pain in many teeth due to grinding and clenching habits. So, take the matter to an emergency tooth extraction dentist near me. He or she is able to trace the root of the pain.  If one of your teeth has an abscess or cavity, your dentist will discover and do a root canal or another procedure.  Meanwhile, you may take a pain killer while keeping in mind that it will not cure the problem.

Dental Abscess

Call an emergency dental abscess dentist if you see a white lump at the root of your tooth or between a tooth and the gum. It is imperative to have an abscess checked by the doctor right away as it could lead to serious complications later on. An abscess is likely to cause cheek swelling. So, if your cheek is swollen, that’s a cause for alarm. Go to the emergency room right away so that your dentist can rule out a serious medical condition. A bad taste in your mouth could indicate the presence of a dental abscess that has drained its pus into your mouth. Even if there is no pain, there is need to have a tooth abscess emergency check-up.

Cracked tooth

You must always call your emergency cracked tooth dentist as soon as possible when you crack or fracture a tooth. You should consult a doctor even if you feel no pain, and it’s advisable to not wait several days or weeks prior to getting treated. So visit an emergency room and have your broken tooth examined and restored by a qualified expert. If the breakage is due to a head injury, you may have a concussion that can only be contained by a dentist. As well, severe bleeding should be controlled before the harm to the jaw bone or teeth is tackled. This can only be done in an emergency room. Some teeth breakages are due to gradual weakening over the years or biting on tough things in a careless manner.

None of the triggers should be left untreated for long periods of time. If you get into a dental emergency room soon enough, your tooth, dental filling or crown can be restored in a matter of days. Even where the breakage is small and there is no pain at all, find a dentist who can examine your teeth, gums and bone for damage. As only your dentist can offer you the right advice on what you can do at home and on the right medical treatment to seek, browse the emergency dental services near me on Google and pick a good professional.


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Knocked out tooth

There are situations where a tooth is totally knocked out of its socket. As a result, the tooth along with the root is knocked out (this is known as an avulsed tooth). This sort of tooth is commonly seen in kids who play rough games. But adults can also find themselves in accidents that damage their teeth in such a manner. If such a thing happens to you, visit an affordable dental office right away. Your knocked out tooth can be feasible for reimplantation, if you see a dentist on time. To enhance your chances of getting a new tooth, rinse your mouth gently with pure water without scrubbing the affected area.

Put your tooth in a cup of a cow’s milk and don’t implant your tooth yourself.  Visit your emergency dentist immediately to save your tooth.  As well, a dentist will treat any other bruise or dental damage you might have sustained from the accident that caused your tooth loss. This could be a crown that was knocked out with your tooth. It will be wise to let your dentist prepare an emergency crown and act responsibly to save your other teeth.