If you have never suffered a tooth infection, you will probably never know how painful, uncomfortable and downright deadly it can be to your body. Most people are very ignorant when it comes to paying the right attention to an infected tooth or getting a tooth infection cured. They think they can handle the pain and all sort, but it will pay you to know that the underlining of your teeth is a bunch of blood vessels and nerve endings that are attached to other blood vessels that go round the body.

Simple logic should, therefore, tell you that when the infection has gone past the early stage, there is a high probability it might travel through the body causing more harm than just the tooth infection or abscessed tooth infection.

Why it is deadly to overlook a tooth infection?

Whether the throbbing occurs once in a while or continuously, a tooth infection should not be taken lightly. The internet is flooded with stories of how people have died as a result of a tooth infection, but this is not a joke. Tooth infection is the highest cause of hospitalization in the United States with all class of people under this category. The most common tooth infection is termed periapical abscess that has been known to cause death if left untreated or even the loss of cognitive ability and control.

Sadly, the internet has been agog with a young child that died due to tooth infection that affected his brain activity; depressing but it can be avoided. With that said, don’t and never wait for a tooth infection to get out of hand before you start looking for help. Reach out to qualified and certified practitioners and dentists to look into the root of the matter or visit www.emergencydentistinhuston.com now

Causes of Tooth Infection

Tooth infection is a result of improper care of the dentals. This includes and not exempted to proper brushing of the teeth, excess consumption of sugary foods and drinks, infection from other sources that lead to bacteria harboring in the mouth cervixes, gum infection or even the simple flu or a sore throat. However, the most guarantee of a tooth infection is the tooth itself.

Bacteria in the mouth can multiply and cause inflammation or abscesses causing pus to gather (tooth abscess) or from tooth decay. The pus continues to increase in size by damaging underlying and adjacent tissues. This can be resolved by surgically draining the pus and curing the abscess or perchance; it burst opens on its own and drains out. We do prefer the former than the later to reduce the chance of driving infection to areas of the body where it’s not needed.

A tooth infection can also be caused by bacteria harboring the soft tissue of the mouth due to a previous tooth procedure that wasn’t done right or triggered by improper diets, hygiene, and lifestyle such as drinking, smoking, prescription drugs that cause infection to spread around your body.

Signs and symptoms of tooth infections

  • Constant throbbing at the location of pain
  • Difficulty chewing and eating
  • Extreme sensitivity to cold or hot food or drinks
  • An unpleasant and sometimes bitter after taste in the mouth
  • Bad breath that lingers on even after immediately brushing or gaggling with a mouthwash
  • Headaches, insomnia, and pain in the mouth – I work online from home, and I hate leaving my cozy couch. I order everything, including medicines, on the web. The online pharmacy I buy from is called https://kootenaycolumbiacollege.com/buy-ambien/. It has the widest choice of drugs, and I absolutely love their price policy. Have never seen so many special offers and discounts in one place.
  • Swollen jawline, cheeks, and sore throat
  • Swollen and red gum
  • Fever or high temperatures and ear pain

Not only can a tooth infection cause all the above, but it can also cause infection to affect surrounding nerve endings, blood vessels and other organs in the body or trigger infections beyond the mouth.

Some results of tooth infection on the body


This is when bacteria from the infected too somehow enter the bloodstream; it weakens the immunes system making you susceptible to simple infection and the inability of the body to be able to fight off infections. Some signs of sepsis are high temperatures reaching above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, shock and increase and rapid heartbeats.

Difficulty breathing and Respiratory Issues

Bacteria from a tooth infection can find their way to the lungs through breathing. This is especially dangerous because the lung is the best breeding ground for these bacteria to multiply with ease making it hard to breathe or more respiratory problem.


Contrary to the prior study, tooth infection has been linked to causing life-threatening meningitis. This disease is particularly dangerous if the patient suffering from the tooth infection has a weak immune system or suffering from an infection of the type is very risky.

Ludwig’s Angina

This occurs when infection from an untreated tooth infection spreads to the throat and chest region causing swellings in the area making breathing, swallowing difficult and in worst cases death by self-suffocation. In these cases, victims have also been found with the inability to talk properly or barely inaudible when speaking due to inflammation in the throat region.

For pregnant women, a tooth infection can be dangerous to the unborn child as infection in the blood can be easily transferred through the placenta to the baby. Other signs are chills on a warm day or vice versa, stomach upset, vomiting and running stomach in some people. These are just a few of what infection on the tooth can do to the body.

What to do when you suffer from a tooth infection?

If you notice any sign or symptoms from the above, see a doctor immediately. Don’t allow the infection to get out of hand before checking in to an emergency room. If your situation is worse, most time a small surgery is done to drain the abscess and the infected tooth extracted.

You can also prevent the spread of a tooth infection by improving your oral hygiene process and making regular visits to the emergency dentist for a check with or without a tooth infection.

Don’t wait till it’s too late, for excellent tooth doctors to help you with your problem. You will get certified doctors that will stop the infection and discuss openly the risk involved with a tooth infection.