Do you want a way to create a straighter, whiter, and brighter smile? Emergency Dentist in Houston has got a solution for you with dental veneers.

Dental veneers have gained popularity as restorative and cosmetic dental procedures due to their ability to perfectly fix misaligned teeth and give the shining qualities of natural teeth using either porcelain or ceramic materials.

With broken teeth veneers, we assure you that you will smile with confidence once again. Read on to learn more about dental veneers.

What are Dental Veneers for Broken Teeth?

Dental veneers, also known as dental porcelain laminates or porcelain veneers, are custom-made wafer-thin, tooth-colored layers that are placed onto the front surfaces of your teeth. They function just like how a false nail covers a fingernail. Thinner veneers are used to cover stains and discoloration while thicker veneers are used to replace the broken part of the tooth. You can use veneers for chipped teeth to improve the aesthetic value of your smile and to protect your teeth surfaces from damage.

Veneers can be utilized to correct a number of dental deformities, which include:

  • Accidental dental damage
  • Worn down enamel
  • Wear and tear
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Uneven tooth alignment or spacing (gaps)
  • Discolored and badly stained teeth. Your teeth may be discolored or stained as a result of root canal treatment; presence of large resin fillings; excessive fluoride; tetracycline; or other drugs, excessive fluoride or other causes; or the that have discolored the tooth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth.

Though the enamel, which covers the teeth crown, is the hardest known tissue in the body, it has limitations. When you are chewing hard candy or ice, you may notice something hard in your mouth that doesn’t dissolve or melt – a broken tooth.

Also, a blow on the face, hard impact, falling, or biting on something hard may cause one of your teeth to break or chip, especially if you have a tooth decay.

You don’t need to panic if you discover that you have a chipped or broken tooth, instead make a quick contact to your dentist, who would suggest broken teeth veneers to fix it. Their medical specialists consult the patients online and give a valid electronic prescription. Using it, we can buy Xanax right on the website.

How to Care for a Broken or Chipped Tooth

Like stated above, if you have chipped, broken, or fractured teeth, visit your dentist without delay. If your chipped or broken teeth are left untreated, they can be further damaged or become infected by bacteria. This would lead to dental complication and you may eventually lose your teeth.

In the meantime, try the following self-care measures:

  • If the affected teeth are painful, get an over-the-counter pain reliever like acetaminophen. Also, rinse your mouth with warm saline water.
  • If the break or chip leaves a jagged or sharp edge on the affected teeth, cover the affected teeth with sugarless chewing gum or a piece of wax paraffin to prevent it from harming your tongue, cheek, or lip.
  • If you must eat, make sure it is soft food and avoid using the broken teeth to biting or chew food.

How Long Does it Take?

Broken teeth veneers treatment depends on the complexity or severity of the dental damaged. For example, if only a small part of the tooth is chipped or broken off, the veneers treatment can be done in just a dental visit. However, a severely broken or damaged tooth may require a more costly and lengthy treatment procedure.

Generally, in just three visits to your dentist, you can get back your improved smile with dental veneers. These dental visits would include the following treatment procedures – diagnosis and treatment planning, preparation, and bonding.

When you visit your dentist for a porcelain veneers treatment, your dentist would first prepare your teeth for the veneers treatment. The preparation involves slightly filing down the affected teeth to allow room for the additional thickness of the dental veneers.

Read on to understand all the procedures involved in putting the porcelain veneers on broken teeth.

It is important to note that not everybody is eligible for the broken teeth veneers treatment. To know if you’re right for the veneers treatment, you need to make an initial consultation with your dentist near me, who will examine your dental condition and create a treatment plan for you.

Are you seeking an affordable and reliable way to say goodbye to misaligned or discolored teeth, and regain your whitened and improved smile with dental veneers? Schedule a consultation with any Emergency Dentist in Houston today.

Procedure for Getting Veneers on Broken Teeth

Like stated above, broken teeth veneers procedure generally involves three dental visits – the first dental visit for a consultation, diagnosis, and treatment planning; the last two visits cover the preparation and applying/bonding the veneers respectively. A broken tooth or multiple broken teeth can be simultaneously treated during the dental veneer’s procedures. The procedure is described below:

Consultation, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

This first step in broken teeth veneers procedure is a consultation with your dentist to explain to him or her your dental condition and your desired result. During this visit, your dentist would carefully check your dental condition ensure that you are eligible for dental veneers. Your dentist would also discuss all the process involved in the treatment as well as some of the limitations of veneers. If everything is right and you are ready for the treatment, your dentist would proceed to take an X-ray of your mouth as well as an impression of the affected teeth.


During the next visit, your dentist would prepare your affected teeth for the veneers treatment. About 0.3mm to 1.2mm thickness enamel will be removed by your dentist from the surface of the affected teeth. The thickness of the enamel removed from the tooth surface will nearly amount to the thickness of the porcelain veneers to be added to it.

You may feel pain when your dentist is trimming down your enamel. To avoid this, you or your dentist may decide on using local anesthesia to numb the affected area. If your dentist didn’t take the impression of the affected teeth during your first visit, a model or impression of your tooth would be taken at this visit. This impression is taken to the dental lab to prepare your veneers. Preparing the dental porcelain laminates normally takes about 2 to 4 weeks. While waiting for the permanent veneers from the dental lab, your dentist may place temporary broken teeth veneers on the affected teeth, especially if the teeth are very unsightly.


This is the final step in the veneers treatment. During the third and last visit, your dentist would first place the permanent dental porcelain laminates temporarily on your teeth to examine its color and fit. Your dentist may repeatedly remove, replace, and trim the porcelain veneers to achieve the proper fit. The color of the veneers can be adjusted to match your other teeth with the shade of cementing material to be used.

Before the dental porcelain laminates are permanently cemented to your teeth, your dentist will clean, polish, and etch your teeth. Etching roughens the teeth surfaces to enable a strong bonding between the veneers and natural teeth.

A special cementing material is applied to the dental veneers before it is placed on your broken tooth. Once the veneers are properly positioned, your dentist would apply a special light beam to cure/harden the cement very quickly.

Finally, your dentist would remove any excess cement, evaluate your bite and make any necessary final adjustments to the dental veneers.

You may be required to return for a follow-up dental visit to examine the veneers’ placement and to check how your gingival tissues are responding to the dental veneers.

Visit our emergency tooth extraction page to learn more about dental veneers. If you have any question relating to broken teeth veneers, don’t hesitate to contact us today.