Teeth Whitening Secrets?

The importance of a bright smile in today’s world cannot be overemphasized. A smile can go a long way in sealing deals, serve as a means of reassurance, show a positive attitude and brighten up moods. A bright smile can even make an older person appear younger than he or she really is. A smile, therefore, serves as a very precious personal tool. But then, not everyone feels comfortable with smiling because of stained teeth. It is, however, possible to achieve a brighter by teeth whitening. Teeth whitening or bleaching can be achieved in a number of ways with one of the best option being, visiting a teeth bleaching dentist for professional teeth whitening. This article throws more light on getting a brighter smile through teeth whitening by a teeth bleaching dentist. Let’s first look at what teeth whitening is though, and find out why it’s done.

What Is Tooth Whitening and Why Is It Done?

Teeth whitening or bleaching can be defined as a process of the removal of stains and discoloration on the teeth to make the teeth lighter, thereby giving it a brighter shade or appearance. This is done without taking out any parts of the surface of the teeth. Although teeth whitening can brighten the shade of your teeth, it’s effects are not permanent so proper follow-up and care need to be taken. Also, the process would need to carry out from time to time at the discretion of your teeth bleaching dentist Houston.

Why though is the whitening of the teeth done? Tooth whitening is carried out for a number of reasons; First, not everyone has a natural brilliant shade of teeth and this can deteriorate with age. Another reason is, the kind of foods or drinks we take in such as red wine, coffee, black currant, and tea can cause surface stains on the teeth. Nicotine from tobacco can also stain the teeth surface so teeth whitening can help to take out such stains. There is also the case of intrinsic stains. These stains occur inside the teeth and are caused by different factors. One such factor is exposure to high levels of fluoride as a child while growing up. Another is the use of drugs such as tetracycline which is an antibiotic by pregnant mothers during the last trimester of pregnancy. This can affect the child’s teeth color. If a child not older than eight years of age uses such medication it can cause teeth stains as well. A visit to a teeth bleaching dentist though can solve these stain problems.

The Preparations and Procedure

Before you can undergo teeth bleaching, your emergency dentist would first have to determine if it’s suitable for you. If you have cavities, you should treat it. This is important because the solution used in whitening can get through the decay to your inner teeth parts which might result in teeth sensitivity. If you fail to take care of other teeth problems before getting started, it can also affect the overall success of the process. The first step your teeth bleaching dentist would take is the riddance of bacteria film and food particle residue by cleaning. After cleaning your teeth, the process begins in earnest.

Your dentist would then put in place a “dental damn” which is a rubber shield to serve as protection for your gums. Application of the whitening product which in most cases is 10-30% of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide on the teeth follows. This is followed by wiping it off and reapplying after a space of 15-45 minutes to take out an underlying layer of stain.

In cases of laser treatment, after applying the whitening agent on the teeth via painting or other methods, a laser is then shone on the teeth to activate the agent. The laser serves as a catalyst and speeds up the reaction process of the chemicals contained in the whitening agent. Thus, quicker results would be obtained leaving you with a teeth whiter with several shades.

Who Can Undergo Teeth Bleaching?

Teeth whitening is very popular today but then, it not recommended for everyone. Some of the following groups of people are discouraged from this process;

  • Pregnant women, nursing and lactating mothers, and children below the age of 16.
  • People with sensitive teeth and allergies to bleaching products.

Personal Tips To Enhance Teeth Color


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There are actually some things you can do personally that would help to achieve whiter teeth and maintain your teeth color after teeth bleaching. Some of these include;

  • Avoid bleaching your teeth too often. It can cause harm to your teeth and even change your teeth color.
  • If you eat food such as beets that can cause an even physical stain on clothes, ensure you rinse your mouth immediately or brush your teeth afterword.
  • Cut down on drinks such as tea, coffee, and red wine as they can stain your teeth.
  • Don’t forget to remove the food residue from your teeth immediately after eating. Especially those that can cause teeth stains.
  • Good oral hygiene is of the essence. Brush regularly at least twice a day and floss regularly too.
  • Bottled drinks such as sport or energy drinks and lemonade can cause stains on the teeth. Avoid taking them or reduce intake and rinse mouth immediately after consumption.
  • Artificial teeth may not be whitened by teeth whiteners. Consult your Houston dentist to discuss how you can maintain your teeth color.
  • Tobacco is a definite No. It can cause stains and deteriorate your teeth color so avoid smoking.
  • Chlorhexidine and Tetracycline are medications that can stain your teeth. If you must use such medications have consultations with your teeth bleaching dentist.

The periods for undergoing teeth whitening might vary depending on the method applied. But usually, it takes a few weeks at most. Also, the cost varies and is determined by location and methods employed but then, the use of laser in treatment is usually more expensive than other methods. The process of teeth whitening is usually safe and free of complications so if you are thinking of getting whiter teeth for a brighter smile, why not pay a visit to your teeth bleaching dentist.

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